Hazelnut Pumpkin Donuts to Bacon Pumpkin Risotto: Six Ways to Cook With Pumpkin This Fall

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pastry affair granola.jpeg
Pastry Affair
Pumpkin chocolate granola bars
The canned versus fresh pumpkin debate goes as follows: advocates for canned renditions argue that quality is consistent, reliable and readily available, while fresh aficionados side with the advantages of vibrant, bright flavor.

South Florida is home to the Seminole pumpkin, a species native to Florida that's been grown here since pre-Colombian times. But getting a hold of pumpkins typically requires a visit to a farmer's market or growing them yourself. Canned pumpkin, obviously, can be found in most supermarkets, in either organic or non-organic versions.

Whatever the choice may be, we've rounded up six great ways to cook with pumpkin this fall. These recipes all list "pumpkin puree" as an ingredient. Whether it's canned or fresh, it's really just up to you.

pumpkin soup with crispy shallots.jpeg
Crepes of Wrath
Pumpkin soup with crispy shallots
Crepes of Wrath's pumpkin soup with crispy shallots

This soup comes together quickly, especially since it's made with very simple ingredients: pumpkin puree, chicken stock, shallot, thyme, olive oil and a few spices that are probably already in your pantry. But what sets this soup apart from other renditions is the manner in which the shallots are prepared. The shallots are cooked in a pot for about ten minutes, until they are golden brown and crisp. The soup is then topped with the crisp bits for an extra bite of texture.

cannelle et vanille doughnuts.jpeg
Cannelle et Vanille
Pumpkin and hazelnut dougnuts
Cannelle et Vanille's Pumpkin and Hazelnut doughnuts

Aran Goyoaga is the pastry chef, writer, photographer and food stylist behind the James Beard award-nominated blog, Cannelle et Vanille. Her blog is not only packed with beautiful photographs, it's also home to an array of delectable recipes. These pumpkin and hazelnut doughnuts get a twist from the addition of hazelnut flour and spices. For an extra nutty note, they are coated with a cinnamon-hazelnut sugar after frying.

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