South Street's Amaris Jones Promises to Win You Over With Pork-Free Soul Food

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Amaris Jones
The words pork-free seem to be the only thing people remember when Short Order broke the news of South Street's arrival at the former Sra. Martinez space. Not that we blame you. How can you make delicious soul food -- or in South Street's case neo soul food -- without it?

Alas, Amaris Jones says you're just going to have to try it. She isn't going to spend time trying to convince you.

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What we do know so far is the self-proclaimed lifestyle maven has paired up with restaurant and nightlife impresario Amir Ben-Zion to bring a jolt of food and music to the Design District. Jones talks about South Street being equal parts restaurant and live music venue, where blues, R&B, and jazz commingle with the food Jones grew up eating and cooking.

So while you await South Street's arrival (we're told December actually, South Street's Facebook page says it will open this Friday), Short Order spoke with Jones about how she came to work Ben-Zion and who will be helping out the self-taught cook in the kitchen.

Short Order: First of all, we'd like to know who is Amaris Jones. What makes you a "lifestyle maven"?
Amaris Jones: I've had a lifestyle management company for over 8 years. My services include concierge, event production, strategic partnership programs, etc. My clients over the years include but aren't limited to entertainers and athletes, print media companies and hedge fund managers. Working with such a wide array of clients in various industries has not only given me an understanding of different needs of different businesses, but it's opened me up to a wide array of individuals who have enhanced my life... and my rolodex!

What's the idea behind South Street?
Diners should expect great service and amazing food and cocktails ranging from my special turkey chop to custom made iced teas that you can spike on your own. They will experience live impromptu music performances and unexpected DJ sets. The idea is to tantalize all of your senses, you'll want to dance, eat, drink and enjoy. Picture the best Sunday night family dinner you've ever gone to. We'll be hosting that every night at South Street. It's all about the vibe.

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South Street

4000 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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