The Ten Worst Halloween Candies Ever

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No. Just, no.
Halloween is tomorrow. (We know, we thought it was this weekend too, but no, it's tomorrow.) Let's hope you've got your kids' costumes all set and your walking shoes and patience strapped on for security of those around you.

You see, the art of trick-or-treating is simple. Pick the best neighborhood in the best part of town and bring an extra-large pumpkin bucket -- that is, because people in those areas don't skimp on the full-size Snickers and Butterfinger bars.

But every once in a while (yes, even in the nice neighborhoods), you run across the houses on the block where they hand out the worst candies. The stuff that stockpiles in your pantry's "Halloween candy bucket" because even the dog is uninterested.

Candy corn
Candy Corn Naturally, this is the first thought when we think of bad candy. Pasty, chalky, overly sweet, and gross candy does not appeal to the senses in the least. What's even worse than getting candy corn when you're trick-or-treating? Getting a bare handful's worth straight from a bag to your bucket. The kernels then fall to the bottom and collect any dirt from the neighboring candy. Gross is gross, and candy corn is just that.
Good & Plenty
Good & Plenty Licorice is a toughie. You either love it or you hate it. Unfortunately, we hate it. As for Good & Plenties, licorice in pill-popper presentation doesn't make us hate it any less. The only thought that comes to mind when a neighbor goes out of their way to buy a bag of individually packaged Good & Plenties, is if they know no one eats them. Because we are 98 percent positive that children set them aside in the "bad" pile after they've returned home and sift for all the good stuff.

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murdermysterymiami forgot those chalk-colored candy wafers that taste just like...chalk. Those are the worst.

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