Burgerlicious: Burgers, Beer, and Beats in Coral Gables (Photos)

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All photos by Laine Doss
Eating burgers to classic 80's tunes in the city beautiful.
The second annual Burgerlicious was blessed with a seasonably crisp night that begged for the good people of Coral Gables to break out the jackets and come out to enjoy sliders, beer, and music from about two dozen local restaurants.

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Hungry burger seekers "shopped" the restaurants as chefs extolled the virtues of their meaty wares. Chef Josh Wahler from Crave, who offered two burger options, talked up his pork and ginger burger, while The Bar's Stretch extolled the virtues of his short rib slider with Jack Daniels.

In the traditional category, Route 9's beef patty had a melt-in-your-mouth quality, and Rok:Brgr went uptown with a Kobe and brie slider. Other notables were Pincho Factory's burger, served with Copperpot's sriracha for a kick and Elevation Burger for an all-American cheeseburger in paradise.

burger crave.jpg
Crave in Coral Gables' cooking up another batch of pork sliders.

burger thebaruse.jpg
The Bar presents a short rib slider, decorated with gherkin.

burger shakeshack.jpg
Pretty little Shackburgers, all in a row.

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Fred B. Hartnett Ponce Circle Park

2800 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL

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very nice event. i loved both of Crave's burgers (pork and beef) best. pincho factory and pao town burgers also notable.


what really was absurd -- the beer situation. they had like couple thousand people there, and four (4) -- yes, four (4) -- overworked bartenders to serve beer. bartenders had to pour from bottles into plastic cups. and, this being miami, a lot of people who waited in line 15-20 minutes for a beer had to endure being lectured by the sam adams bartenders about the different varieties being offered.


dumbest, most inconsiderate thing in the world. sam adams needed to just put out kegs and plastic cups, else they shouldn't be a sponsor next year.


just saying




 @HarryP Hi Harry: I was at the event (granted I was there early -- from 6 - 8 p.m.). Though there was a wait for beer, it didn't look like more than four or five people deep. Did it get busier later in the evening?


 @LaineDoss i was there from 7:15 to about 9:30. the crowd peaked at about 8:30. i gave up waiting for beer after 5 minutes in line. i had a VIP ticket, and hit the jack daniels tent, which was 1-3 minute wait.


overall it was still a delightful event, and evening. overall, great job staging. it's just silly crazy that getting a beer should take more than 3 minutes.

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