David's Cafe Is Back! Opens Pop-Up Cafecito at the Standard for Art Basel

Courtesy of The Standard & José Parlá
A cafecito at the Standard's pop-up of David's Café.
After closing its iconic 24-hour Lincoln Road eatery in July, David's Café has opened a pop-up "cafecito" at the Standard, starting this week.

The pop-up is a collaboration between the restaurant and artist José Parlá, a first-generation Cuban-American who is celebrating the launch of his book, JR & José Parlá: The Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba, published by Standard Press and Damiani Editore.

Called Cafecito Neptuno, the pop-up was born from a friendship between the artist and the owners of David's Café -- Adrian Gonzalez and family.

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"Not only are Adrian Gonzalez and his family old friends, but David's Café is a Miami Beach classic and a staple for my friends and me, 24 hours a day, whenever we're in Miami," says Parlá. "They're participation is integral and one of the most important parts of keeping this installation authentic and fun."

Parlá, whose paintings primarily focus on cityscapes, has created an installation piece at the café. The environment is the artist's recreation of Havana's center, particularly of the street-style vendors from the famous Neptuno street. The café is named after this street.

Hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. During Art Basel (December 5 to 9), the restaurant will be open 24 hours a day. The menu includes Cuban coffee ($1.50), media noches ($7.35) and pastelitos ($1.50).

Cafecito Neptuno will close on January 3.

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The Standard Hotel

40 Island Ave., Miami, FL

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David's Cafe needs to be shut down not promoted. They owe so many workers so many paychecks that they have forfeited the right to exist as a business and should shut down their restaurant or be shut down and the owners jailed for grand theft! This includes both David's Cafe on 11th and Collins and this new cafeteria at the Standard Hotel and Spa. If the authorities don't want to do their job and enforce laws we will do it for them and serve justice. 


SHAME ON YOU MIAMI TIMES, EMILY CODIK and VOICE MEDIA is amazing to see the kind of double moral you handle here. To anyone who really wants to know what kind of people are the Goanzales and Mr Amir Ben Zion they can get in contact with The Department of Small Business Development (The Wage Theft unit) at (305) 375-3146 for the Miami-Dade County and ask how many cases are open against them, how many people is trying to be paid, how much money these restaurants owners are stilling from their workers but let me save you guys some time THE GOANZALES and AMIR BEN ZION ARE CROOKS, RATS GETTING RICH FROM STILLING WORKERS MONEY, and this won't stop until Florida protect workers rights 


The New Times restaurant section is getting pretty ridiculous. Have you not heard about the scores of David's Cafe workers who have been protesting for months now for their back wages at this restaurant? How could you write a celebratory piece on this establishment and its delinquent owners without making mention of this? Do workers not exist in your eyes? Or do they not matter? Speaking as a restaurant worker myself I have to say that your publication looks more and more like it serves not to inform readers but to give voice to Miami's frequently crooked restaurant owners. You did a piece on Amir Ben Zion and his restaurant empire too a couple of weeks back. Do you know that workers at his Southstreet restaurant are being robbed of their wages too? Why not mention these things when reporting on restaurants in Miami? Your silence is complicity.


David's Cafe should first pay its workers the tens of thousands of dollars it owes them in back wages and then think about cute little installations during Art Basel. See here for more info:http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/10/10/3044239/allegations-of-unpaid-davids-cafe.html. The current workers at David's Cafe I are now owed weeks of pay themselves. These criminal owners have no shame or scruples and that little cafeteria at the Standard is likely to be staffed by workers who will not be paid for their work. Or perhaps the workers will be "paid" by the Gonzalez family with worthless checks that will bounce as is now the norm there. Boycott David's Cafe! Boycott the Standard Hotel! Boycott Jose Parla!

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