How the Heck Do You 'Wassail'? Top Five Food and Drink Related Holiday Carols

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The day after Thanksgiving marks the unofficial beginning of the holiday season. So despite the widespread bitching about the carols coming too early, the truth is that many a Miamian's radio dial turns to 101.5 FM November 23.

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It's OK -- you don't have to admit to singing along to "Blue Christmas" on your morning commute. We know your dirty little secret. So for all the foodies out there tuning in to the holiday jams, here are our top five holiday tunes that mention food -- because this time of year, it's all about the eats.

5. "Hanukkah, O Hanukkah"
Christmas doesn't have sole dibs on seasonal songs -- or indulgent eating. We can't forget the Jewish holiday and all its accompanying edibles. This version by the Barenaked Ladies references everyone's favorite potato cakes: latkes. (They're available at many a Miami Jewish deli, for anyone suddenly struck with a craving.)

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