Four More Beers: Here's What We'll Drink When Obama Gets Reelected

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Here's to four more beers!
Today is the big day. No, it's not the day you'll finally move out of your parents' house. It's the day when Americans choose who gets to hang in the White House for four years.

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When you're voting, there are many issues to weigh. Some factors coming into play this time around include national security, education, job creation, civil rights, the economy, and whether you want a beer enthusiast or a teetotaler in the White House.

If Mitt Romney wins, expect four years of drinking caffeine-free Diet Coke (Mitt's favorite drink) and eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches, chased with peanut M&M's.

If When Obama is re-elected break out the brewskis, because that means four more beers years in the White House. Even though the president's homebrew is not yet available for mass resale (though wouldn't it be great to market White House Honey Ale as a way to stimulate the economy?), we have a few suggestions on what to drink to celebrate Obama's win.

The Perfectly Happy
4. Rogue John John Dead Guy Ale
Because we couldn't find any Kennedy beer, this is the next best thing. We'd like to think that if John John Kennedy didn't die in a plane crash, he would have carried on the family legacy to run for the highest office -- maybe even starting out as running mate for Barack Obama. Either way, this ale pays tribute to America's political royalty.

Stone Lucky 13asartd.JPG
3. Lukcy Basartd by Stone Brewing

When Obama wins, there might be some bitterness. Some might say the election was rigged; some might say it was stolen. But whatever you call it, that lucky bastard Obama (or "lukcy basartd") will spend four more years in some sweet-looking public housing.

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@CaviarChronicls Then I'll see you at some point -- going over to get a glass of Champers and cheer on Barack Obama to victory!


@Short_Order "John John Dead Guy Ale?" Pretty callous since its Rogue- not Dead Guy. Dead Guy Ale is part of their line not the brand.

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