Here's What to Eat if Mitt Wins

What's it like to grab a bite with Mitt?
Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are ready.

The two have been giving their visions for what the country will look like if they take 270 or more of the total 538 votes in the Electoral College.

If Republicans take back the White House, here's a list of what might be served at celebration parties -- and in red households for the next four years.

10. Mayonnaise The ubiquitous culinary symbol of white America has been shmeared on ham and bologna sandwiches for more than a century. It is said to have originated in Spain and been popularized by the French, but nowhere does it clog more arteries than Republican America. Yet mayo could also be a play to garner support form American community. "Growed up eatin' Spam sandwiches, sugar water, and mayonnaise sandwich," go the lyrics of the 305-born rapper Trick Daddy's "In da Wind." Could Republicans be trying to relate to voters through saturated fats?
9. Pirate's Booty It tastes like little more than cardboard covered with chemically synthesized white cheddar cheese. We're sure former Idaho Senator Larry Craig kept a bag in his desk at all times.

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