Inaugural Miami Beer Festival to Take Over Marlins Park January 19

Courtesy of Marlins Park
The West End Pavillion at Marlins Park
The City of Miami loves its suds. Beer festivals take place all year long and are usually well attended. Just in the past 12 months we've had the Brickell Beer Fest; Grovetoberfest; Burger, Beer and Balls Bash; and New Times Brew at the Zoo, to name a few. The Miami Beer Festival plans to throw its hat into this saturated ring with its inaugural edition January 19 in the West End Pavilion of the new Marlins Park. The festival hasn't even happened yet and has already received more than 5,000 likes on Facebook.

"We're thrilled with the feedback we've gotten and all the support in this, just our first year throwing this event," says MBF promoter Dan Silverstein. "We plan to set ourselves apart with our emphasis on local breweries."

Silverstein and the festival's organizers plan on bringing in more than 50 breweries, which will each feature at least three beers. Do the math and that means you'll have the pleasure of 150-plus types of brew at your disposal. Of the 50 breweries, Silverstein estimates, around 15 to 20 will be Florida-based.

"We want a real local emphasis," continued Silverstein. "Together with the best food trucks in Miami and the unique setting of being under the retracted roof of Marlins Stadium in the heart of Little Havana, there is no beer fest in Miami like this."

The official list of breweries will not be released until about two weeks prior to the event. You can expect to see Inlet Brewing's "Monk in the Trunk," however, and Opus Ales popular craft brew at this year's festival. Other breweries that have already been added include Kona, Red Hook, Widmer, Shock Top, Florida Ave, Capital, Green Flash, Goose Island, Estrella and Hatuey.

"The best thing about our festival is that we are pushing for every brewery to send reps for their beer," said Silverstein. "That way not only will be enjoying the best every brewery has to offer, but you can also be educated about the different types of brew and what goes into making them."

The event takes place January 19 from 6 to 10 p.m. Tickets for general admission will be $40 and allow you entry at 7 p.m. VIP, which allows you entry at 6 pm, will be $50. For more info, visit or

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Kareem: I read your blog often so no disrespect, but check your math. 50 breweries x 3 beers is 150 not 1,500 :)

I consider myself a beer fan. Not a snob, but not a noob either.  And I am not going to this festival. Mainly because I don't like shady dealings.  I am not saying these guys are shady but:

1. I think the Marlins raped this city. I don't want to do anything for them even if that means missing out on something I might want to do.

2.5,000 fans in a months seems like a lot in a very short period of time. I read an article on people buying fans on Facebookk to give themselves credibility.  This looks like that. Why the need to do that?  It's like lying on a resume.

3. I posted these true and unbiased posts on their page and I was banned from the page. No big deal, but why not face the question in public? Why censor someone's honest question and/or comment?  Not what we are built on in the U.S.

4. The website makes it look like the fest in inside the park when it is really in the parking lot/plaza outside the stadium. Once again it's like lying on a resume. Why not say it like it is?  Why not be upfront?

I've lived in Miami since I was 12 and I consider myself a homer. Too often we see things like this and no one calls them out on it. 



Is Loria making money from this (even a cent)?  If so, I'm out.  


@Suzanne We understand the anger and resentment you have towards Jeffery Loria & the Miami Marlins, what took place a few weeks ago has put a damper on the franchise as a whole. With saying that we hope you'd re-consider and attend this event. The Craft Beer movement is one that is growing through the USA, especially here in Miami. We at Opus Ales look forward to providing only the best craft beers you have ever tasted! We are honored to be a part of this Inaugural Miami Beer Festival, and hope to see as many craft beer fans and lovers out there as possible. This event is to celebrate Craft Beer and its ever growing popularity in South Florida. Please don't hold any of the Brewer's or Breweries accountable for what happened with the Marlins, as we said this a an event to come and enjoy good beer and better people! We hope you come visit us at our tent, and look forward to pouring only the best of what we have to offer.


Opus Ales


@Suzanne Whether or not Mr. Loria is making any money from this shouldnt be the question you should be asking yourself. You should be asking yourself whether or not you're willing to slow down the progress of the Craft Beer movement here in South Florida for the sake of making a statement? Look, the fine people at The Miami Beer Festival, that were gratuitous enough to plan such a wonderfull event for South Floridians were not aware of the Marilins front offices plans, and as much as I ( a huge Marlins fan) agree with your anger, I am not willing to sacrifice the strides we're making in the Craft Beer movement, specifically here in Miami.  In my humble opinion we should all attend the The Miami Beer Festival , lets support our many local and regional brewers that are working hard to educate every South Floridian in the amazing craft beers we carry here.


@manny0027 @Suzanne The reason "the fine people at MBF were not aware" what kind of scum bags the Marlins and Loria are is simple. The organizers are not from Miami. They are from Chicago. Nice way to support the "local" craft movement.

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