Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

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strawberry pie.jpeg
Strawberry season is upon us! (And there's always a reason to eat pie.)
As with all things, this week must come to an end.

Umm... it's not like we're complaining, though.

Check it out, gourmands: We've got a mini-list for you of the best food happenings this weekend.

The weather's supposed to be awesome throughout the next two days, so hoist up your stretchy pants -- food and libations await.

Laine Doss
Bread at La Gloutonnerie: How do you say "Get in my belly" in French?
French Spice: Oh, mon cheries, life is so, so good here in Miami. Everywhere we turn, someone is trying to feed us. Really, though, it's true. If you think about the local food and restaurant industry, we truly have quite the thing going to give locals the optimal chance to try everything in the city at least once. And that's where the French step in. In the wake of Miami Spice, the 305's summer stomach grumble, comes French Spice. Essentially the same concept, only specializing in French restaurants and cuisine. Prices for two and three course lunches are $15 and $25. Dinners are $35 and $50, depending where you go. Trust, though, there are plenty eateries to choose from -- and you have all month to try each one.

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