Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend

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Oh, look, it's food. In art. It's food art. How Basel!
Let's face the facts: This is the last weekend to cram everything in before some of us go into "Basel Hibernation" and before some of us turn into Basel Butterflies.

Miami's art scene is already beginning to burst at the lady seams all over the Wynwood, Design District and South Beach parts of town, so best to steer clear of those this weekend, no?

We've got traffic-proof options for you all weekend long, guaranteed to give you a good time until a) you go into hiding for the next week, or b) you don't see your house for the next week.

Check out the Magic City's best eats and drinks this weekend.

Jake Katel
Fresh cinnamon rolls!
Knaus Berry Farm The deeper we go into the end of the year, the deeper we drive head first into strawberry season. What better way to spend a cool Friday evening picking strawberries for tomorrow morning's milkshake? Well, cinnamon rolls would be better than that. But lucky for all of us, Knaus Berry Farm has us covered on both bases. Don't deny indulgence. It's bad for you.

Cheese Course Have a date Friday night but forgot to make reservations? No worries. Have some cheese with that whine. Hah! See what we did there? The Cheese Course has opened in Aventura and as a celebratory event, they're offering free cheese and wine all weekend long. This probably won't solve your date problems, but at least you know you have a backup that won't cost you a dime.

Luckyrice Festival Soho Beach House is throwing a killer Asian-inspired food and drink party tonight. Menu highlights include "tataki" popped rice, Kobe beef tataki, wasabi cream and micro wasabi from Makoto; a salt crusted whole fish, pickled slaws, spiced condiments and dipping sauces from Todd English; a steamed mini truffle with chicken bun from Hakkasan; Nantucket bay scallops ceviche, celery root and black garlic by Susur Lee and Douglas Rodriguez and plenty more.

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