Nadia G. of Bitchin' Kitchen: Thanksgiving Tips, Her Sassy TV Show, and The True Meaning of Being Bitchin'

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They also tune in because every episode is based on a funny theme, like "Hitched & Ditched", featuring Philly cheese steak with smoked gruyere sauce and pear and almond tartlet tartin.

It's what makes her cooking so approachable. "Don't be intimidated. It isn't rocket surgery," she said, following by correcting herself with a quick joke. "Which is not to be confused with rocket science, of course."

Her advice for Thanksgiving was also approachable. Her tips are to keep the menu uncomplicated and modern. "I'm a massive fan of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but who really feels like cooking it? Now people would like to spend time partying, not spending two days cooking."

Off the top of her head, she recommended: Pancetta chesnut stuffing, butternut squash soup shooters, and turkey sliders with chipotle cranberry sauce.

Giosia is also serious when it comes to ingredients. While other TV hosts are unwrapping store-bought angel food cakes, topping them with Cool Whip and calling that dessert, Giosia preaches about raw sugar, organic meats and organic produce. She even encourages fans to eat less meat.

"If you cut down on the quantities of the meat that you eat, then you can focus on the quality," she said. "It's always nice to eat something that's hormone-free, and I'm trying to inspire people to find out where their ingredients are from."

After our conversation, Giosia asked for restaurant suggestions, since she was in Miami for another day. She cracked a joke about a recent meal at the Delano in Miami Beach, and how much she loved their $18 hummus. She mentioned how much she did love an octopus dish at Cecconi's. She also already had dinner plans at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar.

"I'll eat anything. Well, anything except gizzards," she said, with a half smile.

As we stood up to say goodbye, Giosia put on a pair of retro cat-eyed, silver sunglasses, and smoothed out her distressed jeans. She opened up her arms and pulled me in for a big hug.

On-screen, Nadia G. is the conventional definition of bitchin'. She's sassy, bold, and she cooks with a whole lot of attitude. But, in real life, and one-on-one, Nadia Giosia is sweet, well-spoken and extremely knowledgeable about cooking and food. And, without the scripted jokes, cheeky punchlines, and bright spotlights, it's easy to like this Nadia even more.

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Bitchin' Kitchen is the only non-NFL show I watch on television. Clever, fresh, original... delightful entertainment.

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