Orchid's Preview Ruined After Power Failure. Refunds Available.

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Marguerite Gil
The preview show was a black-out-no-show.
Last night's preview of Orchid, Where Desire Blooms, was rudely interrupted by a transformer failure. According to a night watchman close to the problem area, "A little after 6:30 p.m., I heard the explosion, then all the lights went out east of NE Second Avenue south of NE 41st Street. I came out to the street and I saw flames close to where the I-95 exit is."

The mystical pleasure garden (Orchid) is a pop-up restaurant and theatrical experience advertised as part Moulin Rouge and part Cirque du Soleil that will run through early next year. The debut if the place at 299 NE 38th St. was slated to start at 8 p.m. but the show was turning out to be a black-out-no-go.

Inside the gated entertainment area, lingering guests were discussing getting refunds or rain checks. Michelle Bernstein, star of the culinary part of the theatrical experience was nowhere to be found. When I asked if she was around, a waiter answered, "When the lights went out, so did she."

Good news is a call to the main number this morning confirmed that complete refunds were available for last night's mishap.

Marguerite Gil
Stop, in the name of lust.
Nevertheless, Bernstein has put together a three-course, prix-fixe menu for $38 which includes a tortilla soup with mild chives, tortillas and avocado, topped with sour cream. Second course offers a snapper française al mojo de ajo, sour orange sauce, roast fingerlings and asparagus salad.

The dessert selection includes coconut panna cotta, passion fruit gel or fruit salsa. There are upgrade substitutions that have an upgrade price tag and a 15 percent gratuity is added on too. A la carte starters include Michy's croquetas, jamon serrano and melting cheese with fig jam ($11). Four entrees are available including a roasted tomato risotto, eggplant, mozzarella and basil ($24).

We sure as hell hope the rest of the run goes better than the debut. The exotic, pop-culture infused theatrical performances and the restaurant have a closing date in early January, The temporary big-top show admission is $49 to $119 and guests must be 18 or older. For more information, call 1-888-589-8934 or visit orchidtheshow.com.

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I am soo looking forward to attending Orchid. Especially now after I learn that the organizers have integrity  it is very rare that any money is ever refunded in the MIA.


disappoint piece Marguerite... expected a little more from you than lies and deceit! what could the organizers possibly do about a light pole which fell on the 36th street and affected the whole area??? and why say that Bernstein departed when it's not true? Pitiful piece which thankfully got a pitiful amount of shares. That ought to teach you. Come out of that gutter please! 


The headline of this piece makes it sound like Michelle Bernstein is no longer associated with it - which apparently is not the case. Why should it be noteworthy that she left when all the power went out?


I agree, the headline makes it seem like she has parted ways and is no longer part of the experience

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