Red Bull Flugtag Draws Thousands to Bayfront Park (Photos)

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Mike Smolin
"Looking out from above the crowd looked massive," said Farmington about the approximately 90,000 that sat in Bayfront Park, close to the record 110,000 that showed up to the free event in Tampa Bay in 2008. "The crowd was huge, the weather was great and we weren't afraid to fall in the water."

Though the crowd was relatively large, it still was nowhere near the 250,000 that showed up at Hyde Park in London in 2003. The event caused officials to close the centuries old facility, just as a free Rolling Stones concert had years before. The last Flugtag held in Miami, in 2010, attracted around 60,000 spectators. The crowd got really into the show, reacting to every craft and its imminent fall.

"It's a nice event to bring your kids to and enjoy a day at the park," said spectator and downtown resident Alex Pappas. "Gets to be a lot of fun looking at the different types of crafts and then seeing their ultimate destruction."

Mike Smolin

Mike Smolin

RS_Bird's Eye View of Red Bull Flugtag Miami.JPG
Robert Snow/Red Bull Content Pool

RS_Winner Magic Carpet Ride in Action at Red Bull Flugtag Miami.JPG
Robert Snow/Red Bull Content Pool

Mike Smolin
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