Reggae Tacos in Downtown: Interesting Jamaican Tacos and Crazy Doughnuts

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In truth, the burrito tastes like a coconut burrito with a side of very tender chicken. That's because it also comes with coconut rice, pigeon peas, red onions, and coconut sour cream. No sign of Red Stripe flavor, but plenty coconut for an apocalypse.

Hopeful to end our visit on a positive note, we had the festival fried doughnuts ($3.49). To start off, 5 come in an order, and each doughnut is almost the size of a tennis ball. They're made fresh and as Johnson brought them over, he cautioned not to touch them for a while because they'd just come out of the fryer.

Festival fried doughnuts.
This is the real reason we started out this First Bites saying the downtown office lunch scene will be glad the place opened. Take a couple orders of these back to the office and you'll be the office favorite until go-getter-Greg one-ups you. The doughnuts are drizzled with vanilla-infused honey and sprinkled with powdered sugar. We promise they don't sound as fantastic as they really are, so best to try them for yourself. (Side note: We asked what was in the batter besides crack. The response: "Besides crack? Ganja. This is a Jamaican place, you know.")

Reggae Tacos' concepts are unique, and we give them a couple months before they fine-tune their recipes to perfection. Johnson even said himself that one of the sauces (spicy banana raisin) was something he'd thrown together on a whim the afternoon before. Is it great? No. Will it do? Yes (but we expect greater further down the line).

Are those fried doughnuts out of this world? Indeed, they are.

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Reggae Tacos - CLOSED

93 SE 2nd St., Miami, FL

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