Santa's Enchanted Forest: Top Ten Things to Eat and Drink

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As Miamians, this time of year can be a little tough. Thanks to our balmy weather and eternal sunshine, seasonal spirit can be hard to come by. So like good little elves, locals flock to Santa's Enchanted Forest to bask in some semblance of holiday cheer.

Dubbed the world's largest Christmas theme park, the spot has been inspiring intense emotions amongst locals for 30 years. But whether you love it or hate it - you can't deny that it's as Christmasey as our city gets.

Locals will espouse various reasons for their annual attendance -- the wild animal shows, the carnival rides, the twinkly lights, etc.

But you're a Short Order reader, so we know the real reason you shell out the admission fee, endure screaming children and hike five miles from the parking lot: the eats. While it may be greasy, overpriced and hopelessly messy - carnival food is also undeniably delicious.

So since it's the season for overindulgence, we thought we'd offer a little instruction on what to eat during your annual pilgrimage to Miami's little Santaland. Worry about the calories in 2013.

Arepas At any carnival south of the 305, you'd be pretty hard pressed to find these tasty little corn and cheese treats. So, when in Rome (or Miami), eat up.
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Roasted Corn A street food tradition, fresh, fire roasted corn drenched in melted butter is probably the healthiest thing you'll find at the forest. Watch 'em do the dunking, then gnaw away at your ear, Mike Tyson-style.

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Santa's Enchanted Forest

7900 SW 40th St., Miami, FL

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