Scotty's Landing Saved! (For Now)

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Scotty's Landing: Still standing.
Scotty's Landing has gotten a stay of execution, and everywhere in Miami, people who love cheap beer, fish dip, and sunsets are breathing a sigh of relief.

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In May, the City of Miami, which currently owns Grove Key Marina and the iconic dive bar/restaurant, requested bids for a 40-year lease to replace the current waterfront with a multi-use space to include a new marina and restaurant after the marina's 35 year lease with the city expired. Five bidders, including Scott Wessel who owns Scotty's and Grove Key Marina, presented bids in response to the city's RFP. Those bids were thrown out a few months later and Scotty's fate hung in the balance.

According to the Miami Herald, yesterday, the City Commission extended the agreement that allows Scotty's and the marina to operate on city-owned property in Coconut Grove.

This isn't a permanent solution, however. The agreement can be revoked at any time with a 30-day notice and the city still seems hellbent on a new, more expensive marina project.

Director of public facilities Henry Torre plans to get started on a new bid process later this month, with city commissioner Marc Sarnoff, whose district includes the Grove, urging a speedy bidding process -- and Scotty's death blow.

For now, it means there's still time to head over to Scotty's and hoist a cold one!

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Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

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Welcome to Miami.  Paving paradise and putting up parking lots since 1870...

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter


I enjoy Scotty's and frequent it every couple of weeks but the only logical solution is for the city to get out of the marina business(It ain't the government's role anyway) and sell the property to the highest bidder.

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