The Hoxton: Replicating New England in Miami

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Zachary Fagenson

Swan's Island Mussel's ($14) were plump, juicy and creamy, just the way the black mollusk ought to be. They're cooked in butter and white wine (why fix something that ain't broken?) and were served with two buttery slabs of toasted bread. Even though the menu is meant for sharing, and the mussels disappeared quickly we would've liked a couple more in the bowl.

Zachary Fagenson
Real fish. Real chips.

The Hoxton wasn't playing around when it came to the fish and chips. They didn't waste any time trying to be authentic and serve the dish on newspaper. Instead we had crispy, fresh cut fries that tasted like real potatoes and fat fish fillets made from Atlantic Cod. No puny fish sticks here. At $14 the price is bit steep, but worth it.

Zachary Fagenson
Grab one to go for tomorrow's breakfast.

The Hoxton's quiche ($11) was one of a handful of items that weren't at one point swimming, filter feeding or scouring the bottom of the ocean. The egg pie was light and airy albeit slightly mushy at the center. Cheddar cheese and bacon added just the right amount of smoke and creaminess. It would be a great way to start a day.

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