On the Bang Bus with Eddie Huang: Looking Beyond Midtown Trends

"New American food is great, my book release was at [Andrew Carmellini's] Locanda Verde, it was nice to be in a nice restaurant but I don't usually go to restaurants like that," he said. "When I go to Miami I don't go to Michael's Genuine."

Instead he went to Morro Castle, Jamaica Kitchen, La Camaronera, Chef Creole in Little Haiti, Skebo's Kitchen BBQ outside of Club Lexx and Conch Daddy. He called Miami Beach's Puerto Sagua "Puerto Soggy" and said Sakaya Kitchen was "goofy."

"It's too heavy," he argued. "White boy Asian food is too salty, it's too rich."

Huang wasn't too derisive about the Miami restaurants that get a lot of press, but said they're just not his thing in any city.

"There's this international class of restaurant and you go to any restaurant in any bougie neighborhood and they're going to be there," he said. "I wanted to go find places that don't have Twitter, don't have Instagram and we did that."

He also encouraged people to explore the Caribbean food in Miami, saying it shouldn't be reserved for just vacation.

"People don't talk enough about Caribbean food... cattle foot, oxtail, beef soup, ackee and shellfish," he said. "Jay-Z will come to Miami and on the way out he'll call Chef Creole, Jay-Z knows what's up."

Huang left before Art Basel kicked off, but also had some commentary on Miami's growing art scene

"Wynwood for me didn't do it," he said. Part of graffiti culture, he argued, is bombing; spray painting places where it's not welcome. All of the sanctioned graffiti in Wynwood is "kind of like seeing Shamu in the wild and seeing Shamu in the tank. I understand the necessity of seeing Shamu in a tank, but to me it's depressing."

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

who cares what this guy thinks,he's a clown, he said graffitti is depressing?...hell no he is wrong

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