The Whopper Turns 55: Five Outrageous Moments in BK History

The Windows 7 Whopper. Seven patties, one artery.
It's hard to believe that the Whopper, Burger King's gigantic meat sandwich, turns 55 in December.

The sandwich made its debut back in 1957 with the same beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, mayo and ketchup that the classic edition features today The only change was the addition of sesame seeds to the bun back in the '70s.

To celebrate the occasion, Burger King is offering a second Whopper for 55 cents when one is purchased at regular price, along with retro packaging and some new limited edition items like the Wisconsin white cheddar Whopper and the angry Whopper, habanero cheese and jalapenos. The offer runs today through Sunday, December 9 and no coupon is necessary.

We figured the Whopper needed a much better celebration, so we've put together 5.5 of the most ridiculous moments in Whopper history. Hey Burger King -- happy birthday!

5.5. Burger King Bacon Whopper in Japan
Last year, Burger King restaurants in Japan offered a promotion where you can add 15 strips of bacon to your Whopper for an extra 100 yen (about $1.23). Some genius figured if 15 bacon strips are good, 1,050 bacon strips are awesome (and a trip to the Emergency Room). The video of someone attempting to eat this meat bomb went viral (natch).

5. Whopper Virgins
Whopper Virgins is a seven-minute long documentary in which people from Thailand, Greenland, and Romania were given American Whoppers and Big Macs for the first time. Our favorite response? "I like seal meat better." Doesn't say much for our great American palate, does it?

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