Ten Flavored Vodkas We'd Like to See in Stores

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Arguably, 2012 was the year that flavored vodka jumped the shark. Once limited to simple, (semi) natural flavors like cherry, vanilla and citrus, this year the industry made inroads into liquid flavors we never thought possible. From salted caramel and chocolate covered cherry to Fruit Loops and PB&J - some were delicious while others ... just ew.

But despite the plethora of options released in 2012, we still think the bigwigs missed the boat on a few flavors. So check out Short Order's list of what we'd like to see hitting store shelves in the foreseeable future.

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10. Fried chicken
Fried chicken is unarguably delicious. And if it makes for good eats, naturally, it should translate into booze (think bacon infused bourbon). Besides, just eating KFC isn't enough. The world wants to drink those genetically modified, four-winged chickens, too.

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9. Pop Tarts
Not just for breakfast anymore, the world's most beloved frosted pastry needs to make its way into liquid form. Just imagine: cherry Pop Tart flavored vodka; s'mores Pop Tart flavored vodka; even pumpkin pie Pop Tart flavored vodka. Triple processed chemical treats.

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