Epcot's Alcohol: Drinking Around at the Booze Counters & Carts

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Hannah Sentenac
If you're over 21 and without offspring, Epcot is the ideal Disney destination. After all, their 11 international pavilions feature alcoholic treats from the countries of origin. From Jagermeister to champagne, you can get your buzz on all over the world.

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Here's Short Order's round up of the best drink choices for your Epcot adventure. Here's to #drinkingaroundtheworld.

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Mexico: Pretend your toes are wiggling in the sands of the Riviera Maya, and suck down a frozen margarita. They come in fruity flavors like lime, strawberry and mango.

Norway: Score a Carlsberg beer or a shot of Aquavit. "Take the shot without making a face and you're a true Viking," quips the beer wench. Challenge accepted.

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- I swear I haven’t. And have you seen the elephant that is flying in the VIP zone?

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