Hello Fresh: Affordable Grocery Delivery Service Comes to Miami

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All photos by Alex Rodriguez
Made this delicious turkey burger from our shipment.

Officially distributing throughout the East Coast, grocery delivery service Hello Fresh offers fresh ingredients, simple recipes, affordable noncommittal pricing, and one hell of a way to make home cooking for the busy bee easy again.

Short Order recently took the service out for a test run.

Our conclusion: You'll never set foot in a grocery store again. What's the fun in that, you say?

Convenience is a beautiful thing.

Think about the time you could save by not having to shop anymore (and not having to be tempted by the snack aisle). Hello Fresh is every busy professional's saving grace.

Natural meats and seasonal vegetables are sourced from "the best butcher and best produce purveyor in Philly," says Hello Fresh CEO (and Short Order alumnus) Daniel Treiman. "We started in Europe and came to the U.S. We're now in six countries and growing."

To test it out, Short Order received a clima-cool box with three meals' worth of ingredients. Each meal is proportioned to feed two, so if you live alone and use the service, consider your lunch and dinner covered for at least three days.

Box o' groceries!

Each meal comes with the exact amount of everything you need for the recipe plus a nifty dummy-proof recipe card. Everything is labeled clearly, the instructions on the recipe card are so easy a caveman's dog could do it, and the meals we had were quite delicious.

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I love Hello Fresh and enjoy the meals already being prepared and shipped to me with instructions every week. I'm a busy single working mom and enjoy coming home from working preparing these meals with ease with my teenage son. We both love the recipes and will continue to order this subscription. You can use code Y8WPXK for $20 off your first box. 


If you can't do this type of shopping on your own, you should not be out from under your parents' roof yet.


Why use an out-of-town service that has to ship, when there are several LOCAL businesses that provide a similar service? For example, check out Sous Chef 2 Go's Recipe-in-a-Bag. Same thing, going one step further-the items are already chopped so meal prep time is even shorter! and they have many choices of plans.... http://www.souschef2go.com/


@Ppdoc86 :) hope all's well, Alan!

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