Hello Fresh: Affordable Grocery Delivery Service Comes to Miami

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You chop, dice, steam, bake, and do absolutely everything. Nothing is done for you except the measuring and the shopping.

Everything for smoked paprika chicken.

After about 35 minutes, a homemade, fresh, and satisfyingly healthful dinner was ready. We ended up taking the second portion to the office for lunch the next day.

Voila. Homemade smoked paprika chicken.

So far, the small company's clientele has varied, but "we have busy professionals in big cities to families in suburbs. We send unique ingredients, so it's helpful to people without quick access to specialty stores who want to cook other types of cuisine," Treiman says.

So, in other words, no more Hamburger Helper, Miami.

Hello Fresh offers a subscription service that you can pause any time. There's no minimum duration required, and prices start at $69 per week for three meals for two people (or six meals for one person). A vegetarian program was recently launched as well. Shipping is included.

To be honest, we were skeptical of the service before we tried it. But the convenience of having everything delivered and ready for you to whip up can't be beat. Pair that with the amount of money you would save by taking leftovers for lunch instead of eating out, and you'd be saving a great deal. And if you have someone to split the meals and $69 cost with, it's an even better deal.

Visit hellofresh.com for more info.

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I love Hello Fresh and enjoy the meals already being prepared and shipped to me with instructions every week. I'm a busy single working mom and enjoy coming home from working preparing these meals with ease with my teenage son. We both love the recipes and will continue to order this subscription. You can use code Y8WPXK for $20 off your first box. 


If you can't do this type of shopping on your own, you should not be out from under your parents' roof yet.


Why use an out-of-town service that has to ship, when there are several LOCAL businesses that provide a similar service? For example, check out Sous Chef 2 Go's Recipe-in-a-Bag. Same thing, going one step further-the items are already chopped so meal prep time is even shorter! and they have many choices of plans.... http://www.souschef2go.com/


@Ppdoc86 :) hope all's well, Alan!

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