Miami's Best Eats and Drinks this Weekend - Gift Guide Edition

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Running low on time and ideas? Relax, have a drink. We have it under control.
We know we keep telling you, but Christmas is, like, almost tomorrow. I mean, it's 11 days away, but that might as well be tomorrow. Have you planned? Have you shopped? Have you stopped to smell the roses?


You don't want to be caught at the eleventh hour scrounging around Walmart for whatever's left. You're better than that. Less than two weeks separates us from the holiday that builds a year's worth of anticipation for children and adults alike. So this weekend guide, we're gonna guide you to food gift salvation.

The day to shop for the food lover on the cheap. $10 or less will make your food-obsessed friends and family members a hot-to-trot gift worthy of, well, 10 bucks. Is there a bacon lover you're shopping for? Skip the usual bacon of the month club membership (trust me, there is such a thing as too much bacon... it's a frightening place). Go instead for the chocolate dipped bacon jerky. Not only will it garner crazy, wild-eyed looks from everyone else, but the person you give it to will be a friend for life. Win win. Know someone who's more into the health sensible scene? Local honey is a great gift for the locavore in your life. And if chocolate dipped bacon and local honey don't do it for you, there are plenty other options.

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