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Yeaaaaa buddy. Noche Buena for the win!
So we're all still here! More rent! More bills! More traffic!


But you see, you should tell those sarcastic, cynical grinches that while we still have to deal with the same things we had to deal with before bills, and traffic, and rent and stuff, Christmas is Tuesday. That means while they're wallowing with Anti-Climactic-Post-Apocalyptic Syndrome, you will be busy gathering the preparations to make yourself yet another successful Miami Christmas.

Why emphasize Miami Christmas? Because we're one of the few cities that have the option of going to the beach after opening presents Christmas morning.

Take that, grinches.

This could be you!
Coconut Grove's Candy Cane Village: For Miamians, it's a little difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. It's hot outside. Palm trees are everywhere. Every mall Santa has a sunburn. Miami will never be Christmas-authentic. But, fake snow machines do exist -- so there is that. Peacock Park will be transformed into a Christmas Winter Wonderland tonight complete with "ice" skating, food trucks, and HOPEFULLY Elf impersonators. It's up to you to make that chocolate maple syrup spaghetti concoction if you can find all the components from food trucks. Tell all your friends it's delicious. They'll never second guess your badassery again.

Food Truckalypse: So, since we're all still here and the world didn't end in a fiery blast like the Mayans said it would, the apocalypse jokes should be laid to rest for good. But not before we find ways to incorporate the word "apocalypse" into everything we say -- given we survived such a cataclysmic catastrophe. There will be plenty food trucks at Amelia Earhart Park to nip your post-end of the world appetite in the butt. Best of all, you don't have to worry about having to choose who you'll have your last meal from.

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@ARodWrites love Knaus. Catch Big Ship BBQ if you can. Shits all over Pride & Joy.

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