Miami's Best Ribs: From Downtown to the Strip Club

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Image courtesy The Dutch
4. Asian White Boy Ribs at The Dutch
Andrew Carmellini is one of the latest New York big wig toques to open a Miami outpost. He's been doing a decent job, spending plenty of time in the Magic City and giving up his posh eatery at the W Hotel on Miami Beach for a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser. The White Boy Ribs (at $9 apiece) come with a sweet hoisin glaze with a pop of acid thanks to the addition of rice vinegar. If you're going to shell out big bucks for ribs, this is place to do it.

Image courtesy Business Insider
3. Skebo's Kitchen BBQ outside of Club Lexx
It's a barbecue pit situated in the parking lot of Club Lexx, the strip club once known as Club Rolex near Opa-Locka. A midsummer's night shooting in the parking lot killed one man, sent two to the hospital and Miami-Dade police arrested one of the club's security guards. Forget all that. Come here for a chicken-and-rib combo slathered in a mustard-based barbecue sauce.

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They obviously didn't try the babybacks at Loggerhead.  But, then, I haven't tried the Club Lexx...yet.

TK Small
TK Small

What pork ribs in miami??? being born and raised in "the south" ive had ribs all over and sorry but shorty's doesnt qualify havent tried the others but would love for someone to do a cuban style smoked pork rib.

Joshua Greg Osorio
Joshua Greg Osorio

shortys isn't even real bbq they just grill. shortys is the worst garbage I ever ate. real q has 2 cool for hours and hours. u have ppl on here from ny an la makin q ha ha thats cute. whoever wrote this obviously doesn't know dick about q.

Rob Arcelo
Rob Arcelo

Ribs at club lexxx parking lot are fiiire!


RE: Shorty's, although the concept of warmed bbq sauce is novel. I suggest the sweet KC style bbq sauce. The house sauce is just nasty and you wind up ruining the meat/food with it. The secret ingredient is liquid smoke, a product that came out in the 70's and was supposed to give non-smoked foods a psuedo smoked flavoring.

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