Nobu, Michael Phelps Diet, Costco: Top Google Food Trends 2012 & Miami's Most Searched Restaurants

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Laine Doss
This time of year brings lots of 2012 summations: what we wore, what we watched and most importantly for Short Order readers -- what we ate. And who better to speak to the food trends of the masses than the almighty Google?

The search giant's Zeitgeist wrap up of the year's search trends includes a lot of interesting info about about food-related topics. Check out what American eaters searched for in 2012, and our thoughts on said results, after the jump.

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Here are the top five terms for a variety of food and drink categories (trending refers to search terms with the highest traffic over a sustained period year over year, and most searched is pretty self-explanatory.):

Trending: Food Delivery
Burger King Delivery
Pizza Delivery
Nola Food Delivery
Healthy Delivery Options
Tomato Soup Delivery

This bodes well for the South Florida based burger chain's new venture (which the Short Order team tried out). But tomato soup delivery? Seriously, people? Is a can of Campbells so difficult to prepare?

Most Searched: Cocktails
Bloody Mary
Pina Colada

Standard fare. Meet your average Ocean Drive drink menu.

Trending: Recipes
Progresso Recipe Starters
Tzatziki Sauce Recipe
Chicken Cacciatore Recipe
Coleslaw Dressing Recipe
Slutty Brownies Recipe

More than a little sad. Apparently Progresso's canned cooking sauces are a big favorite for those who are into a 250,000% of daily value sodium intake. But slutty brownies? That, we can get into.

Trending: Diets
Michael Phelps diet
Beyond diet
Raspberry Ketone diet
Pink Method diet
Adriana Lima diet

Yeah, celebrity diets are popular as always. But newsflash for those who want the body of Michael Phelps or Adriana Lima: they get paid to work out. You don't. So yeah, replicating their diet probably isn't gonna do it. And besides, you can only eat so much Subway.

Most Searched: U.S. Restaurants in Zagat (Zagat is one of Google's newest acquisitions, so the restaurant listings are ranked through them.)
Chef's Table
Gramercy Tavern

Well, we do have a Nobu branch here in Miami, so that's something. Otherwise, we're zero for five. Unsurprisingly, NYC pretty much dominates this category.

Most Searched: Food Companies
Pizza Hut
Papa Johns
Food Network

We can't hate. We're pretty big fans of Costco's baked goods (as is the VP, apparently).

Most Searched: Calorie Searches
McDonalds Calories
Chipotle Calories
Calories in an Avocado
Vodka Calories
Calories Burned Walking

Sadly, Americans still love their Mickey Ds. But at least avocado and vodka come up a close third and fourth. That gives us a little faith in humanity.

And lastly, when you narrow it down to the city view, Zeitgeist offers a list of Miami's most searched restaurants in Zagat.

Miami, FL Restaurants
Zuma Restaurant
Barton G. The Restaurant
OLA Restaurant
Casa Tua Restaurant
Juvia Restaurant

Since these rankings are based mostly on out-of-towners utilizing Zagat's listings, this list doesn't come as any real surprise. But at least one is off the beach! That's a nice nod to the increasing significance of the downtown culinary scene. There's more to us than just South Beach, visiting foodies!

Till next year ...

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Location Info

Zuma Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Barton G. the Restaurant

1427 West Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

OLA at Sanctuary Hotel

1745 James Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Casa Tua

1700 James Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant


1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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