Ten Best Christmas Gifts For Men Who Love Food & Booze

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This is a "no sock" zone
Shopping for most men is similar to herding cats. While women will drop hints via magazine clippings, e-mails, and the oh-so-subtle just borrowing your credit card and placing a wrapped present under the tree with your best wishes on it, if you ask a man what he wants for Christmas, chances are he'll mumble something like, "I need socks."

We've got some better ideas for the man in your life. From hot sauce that can make a grown man cry to the ultimate beer kit, we think you'll agree that these presents will be better received than another pair of boxers with snowmen on them.

Flavour Gallery
10. Offal Meat of Champions T-Shirt
Bacon t-shirts are cool. So cool, everyone has one. That's why your guy deserves this shirt. It shows the world that your man is brave, daring, and willing to eat his liver. And heart. And tripe. $30 at Flavour Gallery.

Burger Beast via YouTube
9. Burgers-n-Broads 2013 Calendar
Seared cow flesh and searing hot babe flesh meet in this calendar by Burger Beast and Terribly Girlie. A dozen babes filmed with burgers from Miami's best joints including Tobacco Road, Blue Collar, and LoKal Burgers and Beer. $10 at BurgerBeast.

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