Ten Foodie Gifts For Under $10

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Be frugal this Christmas.
The holidays are upon us once again, you're broke, and you've just picked Bob in the office grab bag. He's the guy who lives to Instagram every single meal -- from bread to dessert.

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Don't fret, our poor yet fabulous friends, because the Short Order elves have put together a list (we've checked it twice) of ten fabulous gifts for foodies -- all under ten bucks.

Best part of all? These gifts make the perfect stocking stuffers, office gifts, or secret Santas for anyone on your list -- not just the guy who lives to eat!

Thumbnail image for christmas tea.jpg
The Olfactory Company via Facebook
10. Taylor's of Harrogate Spiced Christmas Tea
This tea was created by English master tea blenders for the holidays. A blend of black China teas, lemon peels, orange peels, cinnamon and safflower petals will make the entire room smell like Christmas. This spicy tea is best served with just a little honey to bring out the sweetness in the orange.Festive and traditional. $7 at The Olfactory Company.

chocolate santa.jpg
Schakolad Chocolate Factory
9. Chocolate Santa
Sure you can go buy some stale chocolate Santa at a big box store, but this Santa is hand crafted locally with high quality chocolate. Choose Santa, a snowman, or a toy soldier. $10 at Schakolad Chocolate Factory.

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