Instagram Food Photos: The Do's and Don't's

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cannelle et vanille salad.jpg
Cannelle et Vanille via Instagram
South Florida food blogger Aran Goyoaga knows how to Instagram pretty food
Sure, there's fun to be had when shooting food pictures with your iPhone. But, sometimes, while flicking through our Instagram feed, we shudder in disappointment. Do Instagramers really think that a flash-flooded shot of corn chowder looks appetizing? Or that a blurry photo of empty wine glasses merits a "like"? It's just down-right offensive to the eyes (and the stomach).

We are the first to admit that we take our food pics a bit too seriously. But there aren't enough retro filters in this app to truly remedy a bad shot -- even when you add so many hashtags that it garners more than five comments.

To be a true pro of Instagram food pics, you must start with a good photo. Then you can play with as many filters as you'd like. (Valencia is our favorite.)

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So, in the hopes of inspiring food picture betterment in Miami and beyond, we've compiled a list of Instagram do's and don't's that will solve all your future photo-sharing qualms. Please revisit frequently -- especially when it's time for your daily "what I had for dinner shot". Just think of all the happy followers!

lee and maries pumpkin whoopie pie.jpg
leeandmaries via Instagram
We've said it once and we'll say it again. Lee and Marie's really knows how to Instagram pastries.
Do: Shoot in daylight
Food looks best when photographed in daylight, preferably in soft light by a window during mid-morning or afternoon. If you must shoot at night, then seek out good white lights. Yellow lights make food look, well, yellow.

Don't: Shoot in a dim-lit dining room
Nothing kills an Instagram shot more than a dim-lit dining room. So, unless you're equipped with a professional flash, please don't bust out the iPhone for a pic of late-night fried chicken.

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