The Flat: Miami's First Before-the-Club Experience Opening In January

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Doorkeeper opens new doors
We just got word that The Flat will open at the end of January in the South of Fifth neighborhood on Miami Beach. Owners say it won't be a bar, a lounge, a restaurant, or a club. So what the hell will it be then?

The Flat is a new concept brought thought up by Cedric Adegnika, a well-known South Beach doorkeeper with a history Mynt, Set, Amnesia, and the very-soon-to-open Story. "It's all about the before experience," the French doorkeeper says of the future spot.

In Europe, he says, there is the in-between, a place you want to go before dinner, the club, or bed.

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We hear the drink menu will be extensive, with cocktails that are complicated to make. They will also be offering small plates or tapas. We're as tired as you of $20 tapas, but who knows? Maybe it will take The Flat to make the European concept worthwhile and worth staying for a while.

The Flat is set to open at the end of January at 500 S Pointe Drive, taking over the old Cozy Bar. We can't wait to see what the doorkeeper will open its door with.

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Looking forward to this!


sounds amazing cannot wait to go!


"cocktails that are complicated to make"  yep, because thats what the immediate gratification of a market that is Miami wants to read. door guy and author of the post have pretty much said nothing. 

Michael del Vice
Michael del Vice

Is that the same old guy with the horrible tattoo sleeve?

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