We Made Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa Cake (Photos)

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kwanza cake final.jpg
All photos by Laine Doss
Kwanzaa Cake. Tastes better if you're drunk.
Kwanzaa begins December 26 this year. This celebration of family, community, and culture was founded by Dr. Maulana Karenga, in 1966, as a celebration of world African heritage.

Today, people around the world celebrate Kwanzaa with fruit, traditional Kente clothing, art, stories, and...Kwanzaa cake.

Well, actually one person in the history of the world celebrates Kwanzaa with cake. It's Sandra Lee, the slightly drunk and/or psychotic star of Semi-Homemade, the television show about heating up T.V. dinners. 

In the most talked about show of our time, Sandra Lee makes a "harvest cake" in celebration of Kwanzaa. The mess entitles cutting an angel food cake in two, shoving icing and pie filling into it, and placing a hell of a lot of candles onto this monstrosity.

Since this cake will go down in the "that's a shitty idea" hall of fame, we decided to recreate the recipe and bring it to our office Christmas pot luck lunch. Here's what happened.

Kwanzacake ingredients.jpg
Step One: You don't really make Kwanzaa cake. It's more of an assembly project that your kid brings home from school. You'll need: one "purchased" angel food cake, one can apple pie filling; one can vanilla frosting; one package corn nuts; two tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder; two teaspoons vanilla extract; one teaspoon ground cinnamon; and five taper candles in Kwaanza colors. Also helpful? Booze for the cook assembler. If we're going to channel Sandra Lee, we can't do it sober.

kwanza cake cake.jpg
Step Two: Take your angel food cake and apologize to it. It also helps to pour yourself a little liquid courage.

kwanza cake cutintwo.jpg
Step Three: Cut your cake in half horizontally and set aside the top part.

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