Working Farmer Style: Watch This Amazing Gangnam Parody

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Peterson Farm Brothers via Facebook
Workin' Farmer Style...try to get it out of your skull.
"Gangnam Style" has embedded so deeply into our brains, we're saving up for a partial lobotomy to remove that completely annoying yet oh-so-catchy song/video by (we're praying) one-hit-wonder PSY.

That's why we were really conflicted whether or not to share this video from the Peterson Farm Brothers. Greg, Nathan, and Kendal are siblings who work on the family farm in Kansas up to 15 hours a day. But, as they sing in the "Farmer Style" video, "farmers are working harder than you can imagine. That's 'cause we have a job that is our passion."

Watch the video, which serves as a reminder that we should all thank and support small family farms for the incredible work they do feeding us. But be warned, "Farmer Style," like "Gangnam Style," will get stuck in your head, and it may take that green John Deere tractor in the video to help pull it out.

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