Burger King Has New Menu Items: We Try Them

All photos by Laine Doss
BK's new chicken Philly cheese steak
In an effort to regain the number two title in the fast food world, Burger King has experimented with some new ideas lately.

The fast food giant has gotten rid of the creepy plastic king mascot (good idea), started delivery service (great idea), and added a plethora of new food items like kung pao sauce, chicken nuggets (yes, this is technically new for the "King"), molten fudge bites, and a chicken Philly cheese sandwich.

The items haven't been launched nationwide yet. Miami is a test-market city, so we receive these goodies before much of the country.

You may recall that BK tested several items in 2012, including a fruit smoothie (surprisingly good), sweet potato fries (also good), and a bacon/hot fudge/caramel sundae (both a hit and a miss).

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How do these new items fare? In the name of science, we tried them. And yes, we understand that this is fast food and not DB Bistro Moderne. But a buck's a buck and you still have to get taste and value for your dollar. Here's what we found:

Avocado and Swiss Whopper Jr (also available in full-sized Whopper) ($2.39)
The cheese didn't have the nuttiness of Swiss, and the guacamole (the avocado part) was tasteless. But, somehow, Burger King does right by bacon.

Verdict: Skip this and opt for a regular bacon cheeseburger.

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that cheese steak looks absolutely miserable!...ant the lettuce on that whopper jr is as yellow as baby poop. no wonder i never go to that place for "food"!


I just had the nuggets yesterday and the new cheesy tots you didn't seem to get a chance to review, neither impressed me, but I would have to say at least they aren't afraid to try new things.

Short Order
Short Order

Nancy Powers My stomach and I thank you.

Short Order
Short Order

Allison Little Cosens Just stay far from that Philly chicken and we'll all be a littler happier (and live a little longer) :)

Allison Little Cosens
Allison Little Cosens

Oh Laine, what you have to do for the sake of your readers! I guess this sort of balances out all the great meals you've shared with us. I have to admit that I loved the sweet potato fries when they first came out, but then BK changed them into something horrible. I'll just have to stick with my BK Stacker and McD fries.

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