Fish Fish Restaurant Bar and Market Brings Fresh Seafood to North Miami

Fish Fish
Fish Fish offers fresh seafood from the Florida Keys.
We live in South Florida, a subtropical paradise, surrounded by some of the bluest waters in the world. And yet, somehow, we have a surprisingly low number of places in which to enjoy fresh seafood. Sounds fishy, no?

Fish Fish Restaurant Bar and Market (13488 Biscayne Boulevard) is a new source of fresh, local seafood for North Miami. Owner Rebecca Nachlas is a lawyer by trade. She and her husband originally wanted to open a seafood market, selling products from local fisherman in Islamorada, but expanded the concept with the addition of a full-service restaurant after meeting with Oscar Quezada, a chef at iconic Lazy Days restaurant in the Keys. Quezada was looking to take charge of a kitchen from the ground up and Nachlas agreed to the venture.

Fish Fish, which opened quietly late December, features a market selling local lobster, stone crabs, and fish, fresher and more affordable than the offerings at upscale chain markets. "We don't have a middleman, so we're bringing the seafood directly from the boat here," said Nachlas. For instance, stone crabs to take-out sell for about $43 per pound for colossals, $49 per pound for super colossals (the prices are slightly higher when served as a meal with sides at the restaurant).

In addition to local seafood, Nachlas flies in Maine lobster, New England oysters and clams, and even Dover sole from across the pond. A selection of prepared foods will be available soon.

Fish Fish
Crispy whole fish is prepared to order.
The restaurant, helmed by chef Quezada, featured a large selection of seafood, or guests can pick their own fish at the market and the chef will prepare it whole.

Selections include sauteed snapper with lemongrass basmati rice with chef Oscar's Key lime butter sauce ($28); fish & chips from day boat Icelandic cod, with house made tartar sauce and English mushy peas 9$26); and pan roasted grouper with truffle mushroom risotto and fresh orange cream sauce ($30).

In addition, the restaurant offers a full bar with specialty cocktails named after denizens of the deep.

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Fish Fish Restaurant Bar and Market

13488 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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I am very glad to learn alot from you this meaningful knowledge. From an article describing your unique way , we can see that you are an approachable , humorous person


Went there a couple nights ago! Great place...the banana bread reminds me of home. Try the mashy peas and the mushrooom rissoto with the Grouper! Delish!!


My wife and I went to Fish Fish last weekend and we both thought the food was EXCELLENT. Highly recommended.

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