Free Beer Tasting Tonight in The Grove: Win a VIP Package

Grovetoberfest via Facebook
Free Florida beer tasting tonight at The Grove Spot
You know that whole Midwest market on beer thing? Forget it, because some great beers are coming out of Florida and there's more on the way. Duh!

Which is probably why Tony Albelo, the man behind Grovetoberfest and the new Spring Break extravaganza, Sprung, has dubbed tonight's beer tasting: Flori-Duh!

Tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. The Grove Spot will be hosting an exclusive free tasting of 10 different brews from Cigar City, Inlet, and more. All of the beers come from Florida with the exception of Michael's Genuine Home Brew, which is brewed in Alabama with product from Florida.

So what's the catch with this free beer stuff? Well, the tasting is limited to the first 50 people (which is a good reason to not stay late at the office tonight), with the first 20 people rewarded with a free pint glass. 

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Short Order's got you covered, though, with a VIP experience for one lucky reader and a guest that includes guaranteed entry to the tasting, a pair of pint glasses, and two Grovetoberfest backpacks.

Just friend us on Facebook and tell us which beer you're most interested in trying tonight and why. We'll pick our favorite answer by 3 p.m. today and let the winner know via Facebook. The winner's name will be at the door -- no need to pick up anything (except a pint glass, of course).

Here's the list of beers being sampled tonight:

  • Michaels Genuine Homebrew
  • Florida Avenue Ale
  • Florida Avenue IPA
  • Florida Avenue Blueberry
  • Big Rod Key West Ale
  • Inlet Monk In The Trunk
  • Saint Somewhere Pays Du Soleil
  • Cigar City Maduro
  • Swamp Ape Florida Beer
  • Florida Lager Orange Blossom Pilsner

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The Grove Spot

3324 Virginia St., Coconut Grove, FL

Category: Music

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Ian Coutts
Ian Coutts

Have had a few of these and actually interested in the Michaels home brew because its as local as it gets and is associated with a great name as it is. Live right up the street so will be there!

Short Order
Short Order

Matt Carter sorry - we only had one. But we will have many more beer-related giveaways soon.

Matt Carter
Matt Carter

Saint Somewhere Pays Du Soleil is clearly the beer to try. It is a true small batch brewery (in Tarpon Springs, my hometown). They use open fermentation brewing which results in different flavors for every batch depending on the local yeasts that happen to be in the air at that moment. Plus, the guy that runs St. Somewhere is pretty awesome. Come on @shortorder, how 'bout another VIP hand out...?

Short Order
Short Order

Tony Molina congrats! You've won the VIP package for you and a guest. see you at The Grove Spot tonight!

Marlon De Leon
Marlon De Leon

im excited to try the only 2 i havent had a chance to.. the Big Rod Key West Ale and the Florida Avenue IPA.. i'm big on supporting my the local market so i've tried all the others.. and would love to try those 2

John Kraft
John Kraft

Saint Somewhere Pays Du Soleil. The microbrewery is a one man show and he only brews 3 Saison style beers at any given time.

Tony Molina
Tony Molina

i'm most interested in the orange blossom pilsner because of the simple fact that it is a locally brewed beer & what better flavor for a beer brewed in florida than orange? The ultimate floridian flavored beer is to be judged by none other than a true local such as myself. Pick me !

Aileen Rodriguez
Aileen Rodriguez

I would like to taste "Florida Ave", cause I've never had it b4, n it sounds interesting

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