Good Beer Larry on Super Bowl Food and Brew Pairings

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Let's face it, Super Bowl Sunday isn't about touchdowns, halftime shows or hot cheerleaders. Second only to Thanksgiving in the quantity of food consumed by Americans, it's a foodie holiday more than anything else. And for this particular caloric onslaught, beer is the beverage of choice.

But don't let your party guests ply you with mildly fermented water (aka Bud Light). There are far more appealing options to pair with your standard Superbowl foods. Short Order spoke to Larry Goeser (aka Good Beer Larry), Miami beer expert extraordinaire and educator, on the ideal brews for the big day.

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Chicken wings
The best option for the 3,987 wings you and your friends are bound to put away? IPAs and double IPAs.

"The IPA can stand up to the hot spiciness and if you have a blue cheese dip the DIPA will pair well with that strong tasting cheese too," Larry says. "Highlands IPA is a good hoppy beer for wings and Southern Tier 2X IPA will not be overwhelmed by either the spiciness or the strong cheese."

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It's said that more than 8 million pounds of green goodness is consumed on Superbowl Sunday - and your party probably kills a good third of that. Larry says German weissbiers are the best choice for Mexican cuisine.

"With guacamole, weissbier lifts and cleanses fat and avocado, cuts through starches and will meld with the flavor of the dish. Paulaner Hefe - Weizen is a great German choice; American breweries also are making this German style. If your local brewery doesn't have one try Harpoon's UFO Hefeweizen."

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