Great Finds at Brickell's Oriental Bakery & Grocery, but Don't Tell Them You're With New Times

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Masticha preserve ($5.99) is a Greek product made from tree resin. The only place it comes from is the island of Chios and it's typically used for its gum properties, but can also be used in pastries, cakes, and to sweeten liquors and spirits.

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If you've ever made homemade hummus, you know that you need Tahini ($5.99) to add a little tang. The lemon juice, olive oil and warm pita bread are just an added bonus. Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds. When it's not being used for hummus, it goes well to compliment Baba Ganoush and salads.

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While there are a few varieties of couscous (Moroccan, Israeli, and Lebanese), their use is all the same: A replacement for rice, pasta, or potatoes. This particular variety ($7.99) takes a little more time to cook than the 5-minute kind found on Publix shelves. It's heartier and more filling. The next time you're making a salad, jazz it up with a few spoonfuls of couscous and crushed pistachios or almonds. You'll like it, promise.

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