Miami's Ultimate Food Truck Is The Health Nut on Wheels (Photos)

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All photos by Laine Doss
The Health Nut on Wheels' Miguel Kristaly is presented with a large check at the Ultimate Food Truck competition.
A new food truck was crowned supreme at Magic City Casino Saturday night, when The Health Nut on Wheels won the Ultimate Miami Food Truck Competition, beating out seven other food trucks to win the title and a cool $5,000 cash prize.

Attendees were treated to an interactive evening, with each food truck fan being escorted to an assigned table.

The tables were then divided into two sections, with each guest eating from four food trucks in round one of competition and voting for their favorites. Round one consisted of four heats, with trucks paired up in head to head battle. Trucks advanced via popular vote and judges' selection to compete in the final round.

B.C. Tacos competed against Crazydilla, with the caveman-themed taco truck advancing to the second round. Palate Party faced The Health Nut on Wheels, with the healthy truck proving victorious. Cuban Cube won over Food Junkie on Wheels, while Ms. Cheezious beat Che Grill for the last spot in the final round.

The second round had the four remaining truckers creating an item of their choice. In the end, The Health Nut on Wheels took the title with their simple but well executed wild caught Alaskan salmon over spinach. Does this mean we'll be seeing healthier foods on the trucks? Maybe 2013 is the year of healthy mobile eating.

B.C. Tacos crew ready to battle.

B.C. Taco's chicken taco catapulted the truckers to the second round.

CubanCube's brother and sister team of Jonathan and Eileen Andrade were extremely calm going into the competition.

A Cuban take on a classic Peruvian causa advanced CubanCube to the finals.

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Magic City Casino

450 NW 37th Ave., Miami, FL

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Mouth watering food delivered right in your doorstep. And since these are healthy food who would hesitate ordering form one?

-Darlene M.


where can we find the other pictures from that night?

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