Spice Galore: South Miami's Source for Punjabi Garam Masala, Annatto, Tamarind, and More

The shop sells everything from housemade, ground-to-order spice mixes, like madras curry, za'tar and punjabi garam masala, to specialty salts, including Alderwood smoked and Himalayan pink varieties. There are also teas -- including the pricey, hand-picked, organic white silver needle for $7.50 an ounce. There are many organic options among the array of spices and teas.

Prices are affordable, too. (Well, except for that tea). Caraway seeds cost $2 an ounce. Tamarind paste goes for the same price. Spice Galore's house-mix of za'atar is just $3 an ounce.

spice galore shelf 1.JPG
A selection of spices at Spice Galore in South Miami

The duo also owns a farm in Homestead, where they started planting fresh herbs like basil, chives, and Kaffir lime. Soon, they hope to offer these products in-store.

But the locale doesn't intend to be just a one stop shop for spices. In the space, Nodarse and Ortega have already set up a kitchen, for monthly cooking demonstrations. A tea bar is also in the works.

"This is not only a spice store, but also a cooking school. This is a place where enthusiasts can come to learn about things like Indian cuisine. It's fun and entertaining, with an educational twist," says Nodarse.

Call it what you want. This shop is a welcome addition to the South Miami neighborhood. I know I'll be back again soon -- especially when those cravings for punjabi garam masala kick in.

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Spice Galore

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