Super Bowl: Best Deals and Contests for the Big Game (Video)

Coca-Cola's You Decide the Ending Contest
Coca-Cola is taking a cue from Doritos in its "You Decide the Ending" contest. In this commercial (which, to us, looks like a spoof of the Australian drag queen movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), cowboys, showgirls, and bad-landers race through the desert, presumably to find an icy-cold Coke. Who gets the refreshment? You decide the ending here.

Pepsi's Kick-Off the Super Bowl Halftime Show Twitter Campaign
Pepsi doesn't have a contest. But it does have Beyoncé. And a Twitter hashtag. The soda giant wants you to post messages and pictures welcoming Beyoncé to the big game using #PEPSIHALFTIME on Twitter. Guess the company used all of its money on Bey-Bey's contract.

Taco Bell's Taco 12-Pack
Taco Bell is serving up a special 12-pack in a football-themed to-go box. Each box is filled with six crunchy tacos and six Doritos Locos tacos. But what's really getting buzz is the company's Super Bowl commercial, which features a bunch of senior citizens living large for one night and then getting their after-party meal at Taco Bell before heading back to the retirement community.

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