Five Sexy Vegan Valentine's Day Gifts: Edible Body Butter, Candy Lips, and Beyond

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When people hear the word "vegan," the last thing that comes to mind is decadence. The first thing is usually an image of a scrawny, pale lady wearing Birkenstocks and hugging a tree. Not exactly the picture of sensuality.

But as usual, my aim for this column today is to challenge preconceived notions about veganism, this time by highlighting some scrumptious and sexy vegan Valentine's Day gifts. Yes, the holiday is nearly a month away, but since the supply for vegan treats is apparently short of the current demand, many of these items are selling out fast. So if you want to surprise your vegan sweetheart with some vegan sweethearts this holiday, you'd best get on it, STAT.

Vegan Valentine's Day gets sinful with edible body butter
Lulu's Raw Vegan Chocolate
One look this organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, fair-trade, and low-glycemic index coconut sugar-sweetened cache of Valentine's-day ready sweets would get any red-blooded vegan girl all hot and hungry for a taste. The Maca Buttercups ($4.44) at, for example, are made with 78% raw cacao and filled with sprouted almond butter and Andean superfood maca powder, which has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. The creamy heart-shaped Love Truffles ($5.55) are flavored with hazelnuts and hand-harvested French fleur de sel sea salt. And for all the vegan freaks out there, Lulu's offers Luscious Body Butter ($8 for 4 oz.), an edible vegan "skin food," made with organic cacao butter, coconut oil, and cacao essence. And as if you needed more reason to buy, the Arizona-based company uses super-sexy black and red packaging that is totally environmentally friendly; it's printed with soy and vegetable inks on recycled paper.

mari bunnie cakes.jpg
Bunnie Cakes
Mariana Cortez, creator of Miami's Bunnie Cakes vegan bakery
Bunnie Cakes Vegan Cupcakes and Cakes
Miami-based vegan baker Mariana Cortez is the creator of Bunnie Cakes, an adorable local, organic, vegan and gluten-free cupcake and cake bakery. Her wares are easy to spot in local health foods stores; the bite-sized cakes are adorned with tiny candy hearts, wrapped up with girlie little strings, and stamped with an image of a cute Japanimation-style cartoon chef girl. Until now, Cortez's cakes have only been available for pick-up or through third-party stores, but just in time for Valentine's Day, the company will be opening the doors of its own storefront shop at 2322 NE Second Avenue in the Wynwood area. Check back with the company's Facebook page for the exact opening date and for details of the special Valentine's Day menu.

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