Five Sexy Vegan Valentine's Day Gifts: Edible Body Butter, Candy Lips, and Beyond

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No animal products on these lips.
Chocolate hearts encased in larger chocolate hearts, gooey chocolate syrup, heart-shaped lollipops, and mouth-watering caramel-filled chocolates... this online candy store has all of the gluttonous Valentine's Day-themed candy you could ask for --- except their versions are organic, vegan, and often gluten- and allergen-free. Check out the organic maple candy hearts ($11.95) and the espresso-, orange-, peppermint-, raisin-, cranberry-, and ginger-filled vegan and gluten-free truffle box ($13.50). As a comfort to Miami shoppers, the company even offers options like ice packs ($1) and insulated shipping boxes ($4.99) to protect your order from melting in transit.

Om Nom Nom Bakery
Om Nom Nom Cookies
If your vegan lover has a sweet tooth for ethically-produced baked goods, there's a local bakery that's got said goods at the ready. Miami's favorite quirky hipster vegan bakers go by the name of Om Nom Nom, and their to-die-for vegan cookies come in flavors like Orange Zested Chocolate Chip, Spicy Mexican Snickerdoodle, Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal, and Ultimate Peanut Butter. As a perfect Valentine's Day splurge, you can buy their six-cookie "mix and match" pack online for $18, or you can track their treats down at Panther Coffee, Green Gables Cafe, La Baguette, and a host of other health-conscious hotspots all around our town.

Valentine's Day chocolates for your vegan man.
Rose City Chocolatier Vegan Chocolates
If your little vegan love-muffin is the kind who'd be frightened by the prospect of slathering him or herself with a tub of edible body butter, West Virginia-based Rose City Chocolatier offers elegant, old-school romantic chocolate assortments sans animal ingredients. (As a side-note, is anyone else surprised that this company is based in West Virginia?)

Rose City sells Belgian and artisanal chocolates, using only raw or beet sugar as sweeteners (never refined sugars, which may be processed with bone-char), and their Valentine's Day selections are packaged in exquisite stacks of metallic red boxes, ribbon-wrapped red velvet heart-shaped boxes, and even a "manly" chocolate box dressed up to look like a tuxedo. Selections include the 16-piece Hazelnut Lover's Desire ($23.95) and the 65-piece Vegan Heart's Delight stack for the big spender ($69.95). (Make sure to ask for their insulated packaging if you're having them ship to Miami.) If you'd rather think outside the box, they also offer vegan gift baskets hat include chocolate truffles, chocolate orange peel, chocolate-covered pretzels, and nut clusters.

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