Winter Crocktails Chase Away the Cold

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All photos by Laine Doss
Behold! The Crocktail!
Tonight's forecast for Miami is a frigid 64 degrees. Sure, it sounds like nirvana to those of you practically anywhere else on the planet, but if you've lived in Miami all your life -- that's cold for denizens of the sub-tropics.

Add in a record outbreak of the flu, and that means tonight is a great night for ordering in a pizza, checking out the 'ole pay-per-view and preparing something warm and soothing for the soul. We are talking about getting crocked.

Look in your kitchen cupboards right now. Chances are there's an old Crock-Pot in the back. It's probably a birthday/graduation/wedding/housewarming gift from your Aunt Mildred. You might have made chili or cheese dip in it once or twice and relegated it to the back of a closet. We've got a brand new use for that baby -- the Crocktail!

Milagros tequila brand ambassadors Jamie Salas and Gaston Martinez have come up with three warm cocktails that can be made in a Crock-Pot. Salas told Short Order that he loves these drinks because they're all easy to make. "Essentially, you put most of the ingredients into the Crock-Pot or Saucepan, heat, and serve."

The drinks are soothing, delicious, and perfect to warm you up on a chilly evening.

We made the Milagro Hot Cider, which filled the entire house with the scents of apples and spices. Each recipe calls for Milagro tequila but would probably work just as well with a favorite rum.

Best of all? Since Crock-Pots are portable, you can make a batch and take it over to a friends house. Beats a pot of chicken soup any day!

Continue for Crock-Pot cocktail recipes...

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Erik Swagerty
Erik Swagerty

Yeah? Well the forecast was wrong. It's 49 in Westchester.

Cynthia Beahm
Cynthia Beahm

I don't think "frigid" goes with "64 degrees"----I say as I sit here in 0º

Nicole Murcia
Nicole Murcia

Regina Cecilia Castañeda know anyone who can make a good cocktail?

Asia Joanna G
Asia Joanna G

It's 7 degrees in Philly...any recommendations??

Ebers Ortega
Ebers Ortega

i believe 60 is the avg low in miami in january. and i kno south florida can def get much lower than 50. wtf r u ppl complaining about?? lol

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