Andrew Zimmern's Truck and Many More on Midtown Tracks for SoBeWFF

Friar Tuck's
Some food truck owners start out with passion, addictive food, and loans from friends and family. Friar Tuck's got its start as a food stand at the Florida Renaissance Fair. After rave reviews for its Mac-n-Cheeseburger and a deconstructed shepherd's pie they call the Cottage, Robb and Abby Muse refitted a 31-foot Airstream trailer into a mobile medieval eatery. A car accident cut things short, but Robb and Abby came back stronger with a refitted trailer that looks as though it could house the king's cobbler and turn out a solid burger.

The "Old G" of the Miami food truck scene, Jeremiah Bullfrog's refitted Airstream trailer is loaded with the latest culinary gadgetry and turns out souped-up versions of food you know and love. Bullfrog grinds his own short rib for the Ol' Dirt Dawg. You like tacos? They fill 'em with pork shoulder slow-cooked in an immersion circulator topped with cilantro and spicy Japanese mayo. How 'bout them tacos?

HipPOP's Handcrafted Gelato Bars
HipPOP's "handcrafted awesomeness" is no joke, and Anthony Fellows' truck and catering operation has an arsenal of more than 100 classic and dressed-up flavors of gelato, sorbet, and yogurt. The truck carries approximately 15 varieties at any one time. You might get Mexican chocolate chipotle, green apple wasabi, or a classic mixed-berry sorbet.

Il Fiorentino
Chef Lorenzo (you know he's the real deal because he has only one name) came to Miami via Firenze with one goal: Share authentic Italian cooking. Expect simple ingredients and cooking that allows their flavors to shine through. Fried calamari is a classic choice, or there's potato-filled ravioli with mushrooms, truffle, and salty rich Parmesan cheese.

Joji Yogurt
Serve-yourself yogurt shops are all the rage. Joji Yogurt had the good sense to put the sweets on a truck, and tap into Miami's love for nightclubs with some glowing purple lights. Co-owner Ivan Breger had Joji's logo tattooed on his arm. Add to that flavors like orchid vanilla almond and 28 toppings ranging from crushed wasabi peas to chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.

Ms. Cheezious
Ms. Cheezious is arguably the sexiest thing on four wheels in Miami. Despite the pouty, bikini-clad hottie painted on the truck, it's got more than good looks. It offers a seemingly endless combination of ooey-gooey grilled cheese creations that make you feel like a kid, even though you just ordered a gourmet sandwich with Gruyere cheese, prosciutto, and spice apple. Owners Brian and Fatima Mullins took home the top prize at the 2012 party with a melted blue cheese and bacon grilled sandwich. No doubt they'll again be gunning for the top spot.

Potato chips are usually a vessel for some kind of synthetic seasoning made to taste like barbecue sauce or some combination of cheese and bacon. Forget about that. Kelly Lee's Potoffee truck will get you your sweet-salty fix with ruffled chips topped with signature handmade butter toffee or the shameless combination of dark and milk chocolate sauce, salted caramel, whipped cream, and brown butter pretzel crumble.

Slow Food Truck
Truffle fries? Lobster rolls? Nuff said. Locally trained chefs Oren Bass and Zachary Schwartz worked in some of Miami's best kitchens before linking up and building a menu that's spawned two food trucks and a respectable catering business. These guys are just as comfortable knocking out sandwiches filled with braised beef, crisp shallots, and live watercress as they are offering the Frito pie -- basically chili with onions and Frito chips, topped with more Frito chips and served in a Frito bag. Shameless, and delicious.

Before getting his savory-topped waffle truck rolling, chef Wendell Ordonez worked at the Mandarin Oriental Miami, which has seen some of Miami's top chefs pass through its kitchens. Ordonez serves Hong Kong-style waffles, which means they have a bit more egg yolk than you'd expect from a Belgian waffle. Sure, you can get one with Nutella and powdered sugar, but with toppings like hoisin pork and jerk chicken your best choice should be obvious.

Trucks on Midtown's Tracks: 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday, February 24, 3101 NE First Ave., Miami ($85).

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