Anne Burrell Talks Karaoke, Diamond Dishes, and Women in the Biz

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Anne Burrell
For more on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, check out New Times' Taste guide, hitting newsstands Thursday, February 21.

Anne Burrell is the Food Network's bubbly, blond ambassador of good times and great eats. A frequent face on the network, she's taken turns on Iron Chef America and Best Thing I Ever Ate, hosted Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, and just kicked off season four of Worst Cooks in America and season two of Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell. Her second cookbook is set to be released later this year (her first was a New York Times bestseller), and she's participating in a whole host of events at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. She's kind of a dynamo.

When it comes to the nonstop food frenzy of the festival, this ain't Anne's first rodeo. She's a five-year veteran of the annual shindig, and her tenure has seen some memorable moments. Audiences aren't likely to forget when she sprayed a fellow Food Network star with prosecco or encouraged her audience to "spank your pork chops!"
We spoke to Burrell about her favorite bar in the 305, her relationship with Robert Irvine, and her obsession with karaoke.

New Times: In prepping for the SoBeWFF, what have your past years of experience taught you?
Anne Burrell: Oh my God, get a lot of sleep before I go because you don't get a ton when you're there. And it's always so fun; it's one of my favorite events of the year. Anywhere there's sun and fun, it's a little bit like spring break for chefs. Everyone's in a good mood, everyone's happy. There are so many fun parties! The sands are always great.

For the Delta Diamond Dishes event, what does your role as general manager consist of?
They haven't told me yet. I attend the party, hang out with all the chefs, and basically have a good time. I'm pretty good at that!

The event is A League of Their Own themed. Are you a baseball fan?
Well, I am a sporting events kind of girl. I'm not super-psyched about any one team. I go to hockey games, I go to New York Rangers games, but I'm not super-loyal to any one football team. If I had to choose a baseball team, I'd be a Yankees fan, but I love sporting events. The whole atmosphere! The junk food and the beer, and it's just always such a fun atmosphere.

Who would you like to meet at the festival that you haven't met before?
I think the only Food Network person that I haven't met is Ina Garten, but I don't really believe it's her scene.

Are you and all the Food Network chefs buddies?
It's really funny. It's not like we have the company Christmas party where we all hang out, but when everyone gets together, everyone's really happy to see each other. Everyone's so busy on the road that when you do get to see everyone, it's always a blast.

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