Batch Promises Brickell a Real-Deal Gastropub

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A first look at Batch Gastropub.
Kevin Danilo says there's no true gastropub, or any real service-based restaurants, in the booming Brickell neighborhood. So the 26-year-old, who got his start washing dishes at age 13, teamed up with Jerry Flynn, a manager at Lantao at the Surfcomber hotel, and signed a lease for 5,300 square feet on the first floor of Brickell's Hampton Inns & Suites. There they plan to open Batch Gastropub in about a year.

A big focus, Danilo says, will be on service, which he found to be pretty poor after moving to Miami from New York in 2008.

"When we came down here, we were appalled," he says, "even on South Beach."

Batch will be designed as a "modern speakeasy," according to a press release. Renderings show brick walls, exposed copper ducts, and vintage-looking lighting. They'll use both indoor and outdoor space, which Danilo says "nobody [in Miami] takes advantage" of.

Batch will offer large-batch (get it?) specialty cocktails with house-made cordials, bitters, and sodas, though Danilo was vague about exactly what they'll offer and how they'll do it. He said it will be similar to the Broken Shaker, the popular craft-cocktail joint that's now permanently inside the Freehand Hotel.

"The Shaker is pretty good," he says, "but they're really not at some of the really high-end stuff where you're using all fresh in-house cordials."

Drinks will be sealed in barrels for "the ingredients to macerate and become a smooth cocktail." The idea is that having the ever-more-popular craft drinks readymade will make it easy to bring the model to Brickell, where 80,000 people now live and work.

"We're trying to create a really high-end cocktail program but mix them in a way where it's efficient," he says. Most restaurants "try to do a couple craft cocktails, but you can't teach [that to] a staff.

"We want to take human error out of it and put it in the hands of people who know it best," he adds.

There'll be a master mixologist to oversee the whole operation, but Danilo won't say who that person will be.

The same for the chef, who will head a full-scale restaurant offering 'global cuisine' for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night until 5 a.m. At the moment, he says they're still looking for the right person while planning a kitchen with at least a brick oven and a raw bar. There might even be some game dishes, such as rabbit and venison, during Miami's cooler months.

Danilo says they'll also try to source as much local produce as possible, using Moreno Farms and local fishermen.

"The seafood in Miami is terrible -- it's all these national distributors," he argues. "There are no owner-operators like we're going to be."

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Wow that's definitely not the message we wanted to convey with our press release, it certainly doesn’t bespeak our true views. We're very sorry that this is how our message was interpreted. We figured after reading “Praying for Better Brickell Restaurants” we’d get some support from Mr. Fagenson for being the little guys throwing themselves in the ring with the big corporate guys.  We weren’t that fortunate and we’re going to work hard to bounce back, but first we just want to clear a few things up about who we are and why were opening a real gastropub in Brickell.

Batch Gastropub is all about creating a welcoming environment to the locals, we want to be a second home to the nearby workers and residents. We want to improve upon the forgotten steps of service, we really want to make sure every customer has a phenomenal experience, leaves satisfied and looks forward to their next visit. We want each guest to have a special connection to our staff and to us, the owners. Brickell doesn’t have many owner-operators, so that special connection isn’t always present, but you can count on us to be at your table asking how your meal is or bringing over a complimentary cocktail for you to try. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy, we’re building this place for the locals and we can’t be successful without you.

With the prevalence of chain and franchise restaurants in Brickell, we are really making an effort to build a unique identity and bring a cottage-industry concept to the area.We want fresh products, we want to support local purveyors and we want to take advantage of the area’s vast resources. Miami has GREAT fresh seafood so it should be easy to find in Brickell, sometimes that isn’t the case. Big guys use big distributors, by being smaller and diligent, we can supply ourselves with exceptional local products and support the local community. We also want to be able to introduce the really great classic cocktails from an era which focused on quality not quantity. We want to use real ingredients, not artificially flavored spirits and preserved mixes. We want to keep the mixology in the hands of our bartenders and pair it with methods to produce a consistent product so guests are always satisfied and leave happy. We’re influenced by places like the Broken Shaker, they have the best cocktail program in the city…and we drink their house cordials! Clearly our reverence wasn’t conveyed, but if we can be half as successful as those guys we’re going to do pretty damn well. Thanks for understanding guys, you’re truly classy gentlemen.

We really hope everyone will give us a chance when we open, swing by and ask for Kevin or Jerry and we’d love to buy you a drink and show you around- we’re here for you. We won’t have rabbit or venison, that’s news to us, but we promise to work our asses off to create a comprehensive global menu where everyone can find something they like. Mr. Fagenson, our offer respectfully still stands, if you’d like to come in with some friends or family when we open, the meal is on us, we’ll kill ya with kindness! If anyone would like more information we’d love to talk, even if it’s just opinions and feedback…everyone’s voice matters to us. Feel free to reach out to us at We’re looking forward to being neighbors!

Batch Gastropub


I know these guys, they r good ppl, y are you trying to hurt theyre place before it even opens??? Service in Miami IS bad, its time someone does something about it. i cant wait for u to open ur going to do great!!!! :) Alexa


stop using the moniker "Gastropub". It doesn't make your place cool. It's the ward of the hospital that your grandfather is in.


 fyi: broken shaker r using house cordials like:

house campari 

house  coffee

house  vermouth

house  kaffir lime

and 20 more house made cordial...................


@BatchMiami @BatchMiami so are you saying the writer misrepresented you THAT badly and deserves to publicly apologize (the part about the shaker's cordials was pretty bad)?  or are you saying that you really did say most of these things, but you are now trying to sweep them under the rug by writing a really long winded comment that really says nothing of value? (much like the article itself)

fyi: contrary to your comment, if you are mixing large batch cocktails, you ARE focusing on quantity.  not to say that you can't get some great sauce out of a barrel, but it is definitely less of a curated cocktail experience for the customer, and i'm sure your bartenders will be getting tipped accordingly.  you're in brickell and the place is 5,300 sqft, i get it, you gotta pump out product; just don't try to say or be something you're not.

last bit of advice: if you're opening a RESTAURANT that focuses heavily on the COCKTAILS, and you don't have a CHEF or a BEVERAGE PROGRAM MANAGER, you probably shouldn't be doing press pieces like this.  it just opens you up to negative feedback. good luck to you...

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