SoBeWFF's Burger Bash: Bobby Flay Wins, Knocks Michael Symon Off Winning Streak

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All photos by Alex Rodriguez
Victory is sweet for those who've patiently waited for the spotlight.

Bobby Flay threw an accomplished fist in the air as Rachael Ray announced the people's choice first place winner -- his green chile burger won.

The burger, which Flay made in the name of his New Jersey restaurant, Bobby's Burger Palace -- coming to Dadeland this fall -- consisted of a "crunchified" beef burger with queso sauce, green chile pickle relish and a side of potato chips.

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Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Lee Schrager
As for the runners up, Guy's Burger Joint, Guy Fieri's burger station aboard Carnival Cruise line's fleet, took the people's third top choice. It was a pressed chili cheeseburger with all-beef chili, super melty cheddar cheese, thin sliced pickles, crispy bacon, donkey sauce, crispy sourdough, spicy sriacha ranch and ketchup with a watermelon jello shot. We know. It's all soooo Guy.

Michael Symon took second place (though, in all honesty, his disappointment was a little obvious after Schrager threw the "fourth timer" phrase out a few times). BSpot Burgers offered the French onion burger with caramelized onions, crispy onions, bacon, gruyere and horseradish cheese sauce, shasha and mustard sauce with a side of rosemary Lola fries.

Both chefs' burger booths had lines snaking around the bend for almost the entire night as fans waited for pictures and a taste of the burgers.

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Jeff "The Sandwich King" Mauro, Pat LaFrieda and Lee Schrager
Meanwhile, the panel of judges chose a different winner altogether, and a "burger" that most wouldn't even consider a true one. Jeff "The Sandwich King" Mauro really reigned king when he was announced as the judge's first place winner. Now, the argument here was that his submission, "The Greatest Patty Melty in the History of AMERICA," wasn't really a burger, per se. Nonetheless, a ground sirloin and short rib griddle patty, white American cheese, and caramelized onions, on buttered rye with 18,000 island dressing and a side of fried pickled jalapeños made the cut.

"A lot of people wouldn't consider a patty melt a burger," Mauro says.

"But tonight, it is."

Check out the photos of all the celebs next.

Guy Fieri Burger Bash 13.JPG
The most "Guy" photo. Ever.

Michael Symon Burger Bash 13.JPG
Michael Symon with his biggest fan, Joe Cotter and his wife (New Times Arts & Culture Editor) Ciara LaVelle.

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Wait a minute....these guys cook??!


So rigged. This guy can't cook anything in a business operation. Stay on TV where you are safe.


Correction: Jeff Mauro (not to be confused with Jeffrey Mauro, also from Chicago, but a restaurateur) is a popular Food Network personality, winner of 2011's season of 'Food Network Star'. "The Sandwich King" is the Sunday morning show he hosts on the network. 

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