Bulla Gastrobar Takes Por Fin's Place

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Pinxto Moruno.

Pinxto Moruno ($8) offered two skewers of cubed pork loin generously seasoned with cumin and salt. The -- say it with me now, gringos: peen-shows -- came atop a crust of olive-oil-brushed, grilled bread with a piquant mojo verde and Greek yogurt sauce that give the dish a Middle Eastern flavor profile.


Three crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside pork and veal meatballs, known as Albóndigas ($9), came covered in a tangy tomato sauce called "tomato frito" with stracciatella cheese, a torn mozzarella and cream mixture that's often the filling in burrata.

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If all this looks a bit meat-heavy, don't fret. Among the dishes we didn't try were a distinctly South Florida-sounding tuna tartar ($13) with mango and avocado. There was an Ensalada de Invierno ($12) that at the moment includes kale, butternut squash, and hazelnuts and will change with the seasons, according to our server.

The only real letdown was the absence of a gin-and-tonic list we found on a preview menu. Manager Diego Aguilar said that they're still sorting out issues with a tonic-water supplier who's creating a special blend for the restaurant and that it should be resolved "soon."

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Por Fin Restaurant & Lounge - CLOSED

2500 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL

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LoL Same old Carlos....still using Mark Vidals recipes. Can't teach an old dog new tricks. Por Fin failed as a concept and so will this place. The great thing about Por Fin was that any of the employees that they unjustly fired or quit due to their INSANE corrupt policies went off and did MUCH bigger and better things. Shout out to Gio at EATING HOUSE! 

Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan

Hmmm....sounds like they are trying to copy Pubbelly. And the name? Doesn't mean anything in Spanish....but is surprisingly similar to El Bulli...the most famous restaurant in the world. Not a highly original concept.

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